Tooling capabilities range from single station simple dies to very complex precision progressive dies. Deep draw, coin, embossing and in die tapping capabilities are available.

Largest die we can build currently: 62” X 22”
Material thickness range: .002” to .250”
Tonnage range: 5 tons to 165 tons

Multi station, Ultra Precision/Precision Dies built from Tool Steels and/or carbide

  • Progressive Dies
  • Deep Draw Progressive Dies
  • Cam Dies
  • Progressive Dies with In Die tapping

Compound Dies
Stretch Form Dies

Single Station and Prototype, Ultra Precision/Precision Dies built from Steel, Tool Steels, Carbide

  • Blank
  • Pierce
  • Coin
  • Bend
  • Extrude
  • Lance
  • Foil Forming