Tool and Die Fabrication

Our Tool and Die Maker’s knowledge and use, of the latest technology, CNC machines, wire EDM and Master CAM programming systems, provide the necessary tools for them to manufacture Precision and Ultra precision metal stamping dies from simple (single station) to complex (progressive). Tolerances of .0005” are possible. Tools range up to 60” X 22”; Material thicknesses stamped are from .001” to .250”. Please see our capabilities tab for a complete list of types of dies we manufacture and materials stamped.

Depending on customer requirements, simple single station bend dies, cut dies, pierce dies, may be manufactured to produce prototypes, low volume parts or for research and development. A series of single station dies may be manufactured economically, to produce more complex parts in low volume quantities. Single station dies may be used to add a secondary operation such as assembly for low volume parts. We partner with our customers to build cost saving tooling solutions to achieve product success.

Thompson Machine the Tool & Die Group Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing progressive and deep draw progressive dies.
A progressive die is a series of stations, each working toward creating the finished part. The strip material “progresses” through the die allowing each station to perform an operation such as piercing, forming, cutting, tapping, bending, coining. The term progressive die refers to the strip moving through the tool progressively from station to station, becoming closer and closer to being the finished part. At the last progression the part is complete, per the drawing requirements, and unloaded. Sheet metal brackets, widgets, folded boxes are examples of parts made on progressive dies.

A deep draw progressive die also is a series of stations that progressively work flat metal into a finished round cylindrical part. Lipstick containers, tubes, cans, pots and pans, round covers, domed shapes are usually deep drawn. Deep drawing cylindrical parts is more cost effective than machining them from solid metal. Many parts can be produced at significant savings using this manufacturing method. We have been producing deep draw progressive dies and parts for 40 years. Producing thin metal deep drawn parts have become our specialty.

All of our dies are designed, manufactured, maintained and inventoried in house. All are custom built and customer owned.