Everyday people utilize countless consumer products, from electronics and vehicles to kitchen and household items. We live in a consumer world that expects innovation and convenience in every item or process they interact with, and these are all made possible with tool and die parts or components! Thompson Machine Tool & Die Group, Inc. collaborates with customers across consumer industries to design and create die castparts and components for a variety of consumer products. Our capabilities, industry knowledge, and years of experience put us in a unique position to deliver a quality product, no matter its size, scale, or specifications. Our protocol and inspection processes ensure smooth and continuous production and reduce the probability of faulty or defective components, so that you can deliver high-quality products, every time! Combining your vision with our craftsmen’s insight, we’ll help you develop a product that offers multiple benefits, innovation, and convenience to the vast world of consumers!


At Thompson Machine the Tool & Die Group, Inc. our made-to-measure solutions are created for the various requirements of those in the auto industry. From brake lines to drive shafts and truck toppers, we’ve acquired the best tooling to successfully produce dies for various automotive stamping parts. We recognize that the automotive industry is constantly changing, and there’s a high demand for fast turnaround manufacturing on various makes and models. Our flexibility and expertise allows us to adapt, strategize, and execute any of our customers’ manufacturing needs, such as stamp molds, automotive tooling, and more. Throughout our entire process, we focus on quality, and from concept and process of development to planning, designing, and production, we guarantee that you’ll receive only top-quality service and products.

Military & Defense

Thompson Machine is proud to serve those who serve our country. When it comes to metal equipment fabrications, military and defense industries require durable materials, expert craftsmanship, and hard deadlines. Our extensive capabilities and experience allow us to produce dependable, high-quality metal parts and components for all types of military and defense equipment, such as tanks, radio, antennas, transportation vehicles, and more. We recognize that what you do is critical, and requires expertly manufactured products that are military grade. Each of our manufacturing molds and processes are designed and built to not only meet, but exceed military standards, ensuring top-quality products that are mission-ready. Cost-effective solutions to meet your high expectations—that’s Thompson Machine the Tool & Die Group, Inc.!


The electronics industry is one that requires precision and accuracy, two things that Thompson Machine specializes in. Our products are intended to fulfill the unique needs of the electronics industry, and for years, we’ve been successful in providing the leading metal stamping equipment and processes in New Mexico. Each of our products are designed and created according to their specific regulations and requirements, including tight tolerances and short lead times. We are experienced and knowledgeable in working with a variety of materials and processes in order to build sophisticated tools for producing metal stamped components. From design and manufacturing to prototype testing and stamping, Thompson Machine the Tool & Die Group, Inc. puts quality at the center of everything we do so that you can have a precise, accurate product for all your electronic needs!

Other Markets We Serve

Thompson Machine the Tool & Die Group, Inc. possesses a wide-range of capabilities, and in combining your vision with our expertise, we’re able to successfully design and build manufacturing solutions that meet the needs of any industry, including:

    • Aerospace Metal Stampings & Deep Drawn Stampings
    • Appliance Metal Stampings & Deep Drawn Stampings
    • Communications Metal Stampings & Deep Drawn Stampings
    • Environmental Metal Stampings & Deep Drawn Stamping
    • Hardware Metal Stampings & Deep Drawn Stampings
    • Medical Metal Stampings & Deep Drawn Stampings
    • Solar Power Metal Stampings & Deep Drawn Stampings
    • Surgical Metal Stampings & Deep Drawn Stampings
    • Telecommunications Metal Stampings & Deep Drawn Stampings